Can Halamid be used in the presence of fish?

Yes, Halamid has the unique feature that it can be used as disinfectant in presence of fish.

Fresh water raceway set up:

Halamid® is added at a concentration of approximately 10-20 ppm (10-20 g/m3). After 1 hour, flush with fresh water to remove residual Halamid®. This can be repeated up to 4 times on consecutive or alternate days.

Stagnant fresh water ponds:

Halamid® is added at a concentration of 3 ppm (3 g/m3) once a week. Water pH and hardness are two important parameters to consider in order to optimize the Halamid® concentration. As a general rule, with acidic pH, a lower concentration should be used and with increasing water hardness, a higher Halamid® concentration is recommended. Also, if using a biofilter in a recirculated water system, special attention must be taken. Please contact Axcentive or your distributor for more detailed information.