Can I use Halamid in slaughter houses to wash the carcass?

Halamid is recommended for use in rinsing food preparation equipment and carcases specifically (5 – 20g/l for 5 minutes), however we recommend subsequently rinsing with fresh lean water afterwards, to remove the residues of deactivated Halamid. Although not toxic (LOW acute toxicity and LOW chronic toxicity), it is not a good idea to deliberately consume Halamid or its residue, or let it accumulate in the food chain.

If yo do not have the possibility to rinse with fresh water afterwards, the rinse-water can be disinfected (to be virtually potable) using 20ppm Halamid which would be suitable for a final rinsing of the carcases, and residues would be negligible.

Halamid is renowned for disinfection of the poultry growing houses and also of the slaughter facility as well.