Is HALAMID® affected by transition metal ions (TMI) like Fe2+/3+ and Mn2+?

Is it a well-known effect that transition metal ions (TMI) like Ferro/Ferric and Manganese catalyze the decomposition of oxidants such as hydrogen peroxide which happens both in acidic as well as in alkaline solutions. This decomposition is known to occur rapidly, sometimes within minutes.


HALAMID® as a powder will not suffer from any decomposition due to TMI’s.

Upon use HALAMID® solutions will be slightly alkaline and TMI’s may naturally complex the HALAMID® ion, which may slightly affect the efficacy, but never in the same amount as with the decomposition of peroxides.


Moreover, compared to for example perchlorates, the HALAMID® Ion is bulky and less susceptible to binding from TMI’s and thus less affected