Beat the ASF-virus with Halamid®

Since well more than a year African Swine Fever (ASF) is making headlines. In Asia and in particular in China this is giving turmoil even on macro-economic level as pork meat is the most popular ingredient in typical Chinese dishes. Now the virus has spread and has become a global thread.

As for all highly pathogenic viruses threatening livestock, biosecurity is the only remedy to eradicate them. Other than the right protocols in place and strictly following these (!), the choice of disinfectant is an important aspect. However there are only very few commercial disinfectants with a proven efficacy against the ASF-virus. Taking the proof of efficacy for granted may be a very costly oversight!

Axcentive have re-tested the efficacy of Halamid® against this pathogen at the European reference lab for ASF in Spain. Halamid® had already been tested many years ago but with the new European norms in place and the likely evolution of virus strains, we felt the need to re-assure ourselves and our customers.

As expected, Halamid® passed the test (EN14675) at all concentrations tested. This means that a Halamid® solution at a concentration of 0.3 % (dilution 1:333) yields a reduction in virus level of more than 10log4 (which is the norm). In fact the actual killing was over 10log5.

A reduction with a factor of 100.000!

Arno Schut, Innovation Manager at Axcentive explains: “These test results and the conclusion that again Halamid® is effective at high dilution confirm the unique properties of Halamid®. Our product is combining a strong killing effect towards pathogens with mild properties towards surfaces and to humans or animals. Very few commercial disinfectants have proven effective against the ASF virus through external certified labs. Any statement as to the effectiveness of a disinfectant, not based on such expert testing should not be trusted, with the risk of using a product that will not give you the required eradication of this pathogenic virus!”