Don’t let corrosion unfold after farm disinfection

You want your equipment, barn, or pond clean and disinfected, not ruined by corrosion. Yet, aggressive disinfectants such as peroxygens are known to be accelerators for corrosion. The choice of an effective, yet mild product instead can make the difference.

There are many disinfection solutions for livestock and aquaculture farmers on the market. They have different modes of actions (due to different chemical reactions) and can act differently in different environments and ambient temperatures.

The group of acidic peroxygen types of disinfectants are known to be aggressive (and hence effective in killing pathogens), they also come with a major adverse side effect: corrosion

Corrosion = unnecessary extra costs

Corrosion is a significant problem in industries – such as farming – where disinfection processes are frequent and of critical importance. Using too many peroxygen-based disinfectants can corrode, tarnish and degrade pumps, pipes, cages, grills and other pieces of equipment on fish farms and barn surfaces and equipment (e.g. fans and feeders) on livestock farms.

Corrosion can also affect the spraying equipment itself. Corrosion control and prevention is important and prevents extra, unnecessary costs due to forced early replacement of equipment. So why choose a disinfectant that accelerates corrosion?

Neutral pH: safe for metals

Not all disinfection products spur corrosion and Halamid® is a great example of this. This oxidising disinfectant is effective against a wide spectrum of pathogens and doesn’t damage surfaces and/or equipment. To confirm this, Halamid® underwent a corrosion test and was compared to a peroxymonosulfate-based product to see the effects on 6 different materials (copper, brass, steel, stainless steel, aluminium, and PP).

The test showed that Halamid® is far less corrosive to metals than the peroxymonosulfate-based product, due to its neutral pH and mild oxidative properties. It also showed no weight loss and improvement of the visual effect of corrosion. One example of the corrosion test (stainless steel) is shown below:



Steel materials in the form of cages and farm equipment can be corroded by chemicals, including some types of disinfectants. And while disinfection is a substantial part of the biosecurity measures, it should not burden farmers with extra costs or material losses due to irreversible signs of corrosion. Choosing a product that is mild to surfaces and equipment is therefore key.

Halamid® has been specifically developed to meet customer needs around pathogen challenges and farm management. It is powerful and mild at the same time and eradicates all major pathogens in one application round, while being safe for animals, humans, the environment AND metals and surfaces.

Don’t let corrosion ruin your farm equipment. Choose Halamid as your go-to product to effectively and safely disinfect aquaculture and livestock production sites.  Get in touch to learn more.