Halamid® effective against severe ectoparasites in Brazilian farmed fish

Halamid® is an effective way to control important ectoparasites in farmed arapaima fish, as shown by independent research in Brazil. The results have been published in the journal Veterinary Parasitology.

Arapaima gigas (arapaima) is one of the largest freshwater fish and can grow up to four meters and weigh up to 200kg. Catches in the wild have been declining substantially and fish farming is gradually being developed in the Brazilian and Colombian Amazon to alleviate this. However, these intensive farming systems are confronted with Trichodinids, problematic ectoparasites that  mainly parasitize the skin, fins and gills. These ectoparasites have significant negative effects on the production of primarily young forms of arapaima, as they are more vulnerable than older fish due to underdeveloped protective barriers.

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