The influenza A virus is again making the headlines : after the H5N1 virus strain responsible for the last avian influenza epidemic, the H1N1 strain is now responsible for the deadly outbreak currently observed.

Halamid® has been tested against the influenza A virus and proved to be very effective : a 0.1% Halamid® solution was enough to destroy the virus according to the norm EN 14675.

Halamid® was tested against the H7N1 strain, not against the H1N1 strain. However the experts (including the US Environmental Protection Agency) are convinced that a disinfectant effective against one specific strain of influenza A virus is also effective against the other strains of this virus (differences in strain and pathogenicity are not related to disinfectant activity). Thus Halamid® is also effective against the H1N1 strain.

Halamid® is effective against the influenza A virus. The recommended standard concentration of use will ensure killing of the virus.

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