Axcentive will be exhibiting Halamid® at VIV Europe from 20-22 May 2014 in Utrecht (NL). This year VIV Europe will have more focus on the poultry industry, which is an extremely important market sector for our Universal Disinfectant.

Halamid® has a long and well established reputation in the poultry industry which it has served for over 50 years as a terminal disinfectant. Today the product finds widespread application in the poultry market, mainly applied by high pressure spray in growing houses but also by misting and fogging in both barns and hatcheries. Halamid®® is also embraced by breed stock and poultry research institutions with ultra-clean zones, for surface disinfection and egg-dipping.

Axcentive will use the VIV platform to communicate and reinforce the unique advantages of Halamid® in poultry disinfection, including its mild features: safety to operators, non-toxicity to chicks, biodegradability and non-corrosivity, which is singular in combination with its renowned broad activity spectrum. Halamid® is a powerful disinfectant which can be used throughout the year without rotation, and has even been shown to be more stable than other leading oxidative disinfectants in slightly dirty conditions.

Axcentive will take the opportunity at VIV Europe in 2014 to remind the market of all those benefits as well as bringing that message to those in the poultry industry who have not yet discovered the brand!