That Halamid is effective against Vibrio was already known for some time from lab and small scale trials. A few ppm of Halamid gives a significant reduction of Vibrio in fresh and seawater.

Now, large scale monitored tests with Halamid in tropical marine fish farming in Indonesia have been extremely convincing in showing that the use of Halamid leads to low Vibrio levels also at commercial scale. These low Vibrio levels have been directly linked to lower mortality and/or better growth.

Mr. Tinggal Hermawan, Research Manager at Balai Perikanan Budidaya Laut Batam, Indonesia comments:
We have a large government owned test facility on Batam, an island close to Singapore, where we produce amongst others seed of Grouper, Silver Pompano and Barramundi. Our seed production is already quite good so when we were asked to test Halamid® we were curious to see if Halamid® could further improve on that. We tested Halamid® for about one year with different species on eggs, larvae and fingerling. The effect of a Halamid treatment was not immediately visible to the eye after application but Vibrio analysis showed a very significant reduction in Vibrio. The quality of the water medium improved and we measured that biomass (the survival rate and the size) improved remarkably.

At the same time commercial trials in Thai shrimp farms have shown that, Halamid has a visible effect on water quality and what’s more it gives lower Vibrio levels.

Fish and shrimp farmers have learned from the past and no longer expect miracles from water treatment products. They are critical and will only use products offered by reputable distributors, making reasonable claims. With Halamid we have always been careful not to overstate its possible contribution. The latest results however make that we shake off some of that modesty, convinced as we are and with us our distributors and customers that Halamid does measurably contribute to the well-being of fish and shrimp.

Pichai Pitaktrapulsiri DVM, MD Kaset Center, Thailand:
Kaset Center has a limited product range and carry only products that really work for the farmers. We launched Halamid® on the Chantaburi Shrimp Expo this year where half our booth surface was dedicated to Halamid®. At this exhibition, the Thai farmers come in big numbers (much more than at the VIV) and we know them. There was definitely interest in a new serious product. After this successful expo we followed several farms. Farmers were enthusiastic about the effect of Halamid® they could measure. Particularly water colour and Vibrio levels were much improved. We are receiving repeat orders and that is the ultimate proof farms are ready to spend their money on Halamid®.

Axcentive will continue to record field results and lab tests to optimize its use in practice. Obviously we will also bring this good news to other fish and shrimp farming countries, hoping to contribute to the profits and well-being of farmer and their crop.

Further information on Halamid® can be obtained from www.axcentive.com, by emailing info@axcentive.com or by calling our sales office on +33 442 694 090.