Newcastle disease (ND) is one of the main, global viral diseases affecting the poultry industry. It is a highly contagious disease and present in all kinds of farmed and wild birds. Due to its omnipresence in wild birds, the eradication of the disease is impossible and farm owners should always be aware of the possibility of infection.

Obviously good biosecurity is the key to growing chickens in an environment substantially free from ND. Thorough removal of debris, wet cleaning with a detergent followed by a thorough and complete disinfection is the correct way forward.

On several occasions Halamid® has been tested and proved effective against ND. However new European standards prompted Axcentive, the France-based producer of the brand, to test its efficacy again. The results confirmed the exceptionally strong killing effect that Halamid® has on the ND virus. As little as 0.1 % Halamid® (a dilution of 1:1000) managed to reduce the virus by more than a factor of 10,000 – the threshold for approval (standard test conditions: 4 degrees Celsius, 30 minutes contact time and low and high soiling conditions). A Halamid® dilution of 1:333 (0.3 %) accomplished the required killing effect within 5 minutes contact time! This is important because in practice the drying of a surface often limits the contact time.
Arno Schut, Axcentive Technical Manager comments on the tests:

“It was not easy to find a laboratory that could perform these tests. ND virus is regulated and lab security measures are strict. From earlier tests we knew already that Halamid® performs well against this pathogen. This time round we were happy to see not only excellent results but also limited difference between the killing under low and high soiling conditions, underlining once again that the efficacy of Halamid is hardly influenced by organic matter!”
Halamid eradicates both Avian Influenza virus and Newcastle disease virus at a dilution of 1:1000 (0.1 %). Truly a powerful virucide!

Further information on Halamid® can be obtained from www.axcentive.com, by emailing info@axcentive.com or by calling our sales office on +33 442 694 090.