Halamid® is registered for Veterinary applications in Hungary

The green light was received recently by the Hungarian authorities.

Halamid® is approved as highly effective broad spectrum bactericide, virucide and fungicide for poultry & livestock markets, when applied according to the instructions for use.

Halamid® will be available in Hungary through the company Bos-Plus, who took the initiative of introducing newly registered Halamid® at the 23rd Hungarian Great Plain Animal Husbandry and Agricultural days, NAPOK, which took place in April 2017.

Hungarian agricultural show NAPOK Bos-Plus

Gergely TOTH, Managing Director of company Bos-Plus, who helped to get through the lengthy registration process in Hungary commented:

Now that we have finally the approval from the Authorities, we have begun to inform actively farmers. Returns from the market are very positive and I am very confident about the future of Halamid® in Hungary”. Bos-Plus is already selling a wide range of products & equipment dedicated to poultry & livestock markets and has direct connections with end-users. The combination of Bos-Plus’ expertise and Halamid®’s unique formula, powerful yet mild, promises a great future for Halamid® in Hungary!


Halamid®, the powerful biocide against all major pathogens, is already approved in more than 100 countries around the world. Axcentive is determined to continue this process and to have approvals from all major poultry, livestock and aquaculture countries in the world and consequently work on new registration dossiers is ongoing.


Further information can be obtained from local Halamid distributors or halamid.com.