The Research Cooperation between Balai Budidaya Laut Batam (“BBL Batam”) and Axcentive on the topic of improving hygiene and preventing diseases in tropical fish farming, starts bearing fruit.

Results are showing lower bacterial and viral levels and consequently higher survival and better growth. Initial tests in the larvae hatchery have shown that a small but regular dosage of Halamid® into the rearing water gives a significant better survival for grouper, barramundi and silver pompano.

Larvae survival, both in the wild and in farms, is typically low, much lower than it is in the subsequent nursery and grow‐out stages. The number of eggs required is therefore a multitude of the number of fish harvested. The availability of good quality eggs is often a bottleneck.

Upon using Halamid® the larvae survival rate has multiplied with a factor 5.

These tests also prove that Halamid® can be applied at a dosage that is effective in killing disease‐causing bacteria and viruses, without showing the toxicity symptoms that many other products show at their effective level.

“The results with Halamid® are promising and based on the significance of these initial tests we have already started using Halamid® in our operations as a standard larvae treatment showing good results” says Mr. Tinggal, project leader from the BBL.

Tests are ongoing also in the nursery and for egg washing in order to establish the full merits of a Halamid® protocol in tropical food fish production.

Further information can be obtained from local Halamid distributors or halamid.com.