Axcentive cooperates with Lab-Vet for the sales and market development of Halamid® in the Polish Livestock industry. Every year this innovative supplier of (mainly) poultry health products and services organizes a well-visited national symposium and workshop for vets and other specialists in the field.

Presentations by representatives of Lab-Vet and their principals gave an update on diseases, their diagnosis, vaccines, toxicology and obviously disinfectants. Axcentive’s Sarah Koehler: ‘We focused on the practical consequences that residual dirt has on the final performance of disinfectants. Halamid® combines the oxidative broad spectrum activity with a good stability in the presence of such organic matter, unlike other oxidative products such as peroxygens and chlorine. This is of course not an excuse for incomplete cleaning but an assurance that the house or equipment in the end will be spick and span! Sarah also stated that in today’s world the use of products posing serious health risks to farmers or contractors is no longer required. Halamid® replaces for example phenolics and formaldehyde in virtually all applications without the risks these products bring along. The symposium was another excellent occasion to come closer to the people who prescribe and/or use Halamid®.