Need protection against Corona virus ?

Almost 20 years after the SARS outbreak, the Coronavirus is back in the global news. The Chinese city of Wuhan is in quarantine, in an effort to limit the spreading of the disease. Draconic measures largely interfering with the Chinese New Year celebrations.

What virus is responsible and what is the relationship with SARS ?

The current disease is caused by a pathogenic corona virus (2019-nCoV), causing a highly contagious disease. SARS (for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) was also caused by a Corona virus. Both viruses are largely similar (70%) but different enough to be identified as two distinct strains.

How the corona virus spreads and what can be done to avoid its spreading.

The primary route of infection with the virus is via droplets of body fluids. Coughing and sneezing are very likely ways of virus dispersion. The virus is stable in faeces and urine for 1-2 days at room temperature. Even surfaces (public places) can act as reservoirs for the virus.

Unfortunately, no specific treatment or vaccine is available. Isolation of the infected persons, preventing exposure to the virus and disinfection are the major points to control the spread of the disease. The WHO recommends to wash hands regularly and cover mouth and nose when sneezing and coughing.

Why you should use Halamid®.

Because our disinfectant Halamid® is proven effective in killing the Corona virus.

Because Halamid® is safe to handle, not corrosive to equipment and effective against a large range of microorganisms. This broad range effectivity is important because other pathogens may cause secondary infections once the person has been weakened by infection with the coronavirus.

 Where you should use Halamid®.

Disinfection of places where possibly affected people are present (eg. hospitals) is obviously very important. It should take place as often as possible, and certainly once a day at the very minimum.

It is also important to regularly disinfect other public places. Attention should be paid to public buildings (schools, airport, train stations, commercial centres, restaurants and so on) and public transport among others. Private places should also be disinfected, especially if the virus is present in the region. Each person should disinfect its own place on a regular basis. Special attention should be paid to toilets, bathroom, kitchen and doorknobs.

How you should use Halamid®.

Halamid® is used as a solution – the powder easily dissolves in water – and solutions are very stable if stored away from heat and light. Dirt protects the virus, so a thorough cleaning preceding disinfection will give the best results. The recommended dose is 1% with a contact time of 30 min. A Halamid® solution can be rinsed, mopped or sprayed. We advise to use at least 150 ml/m2.